Hi There!

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So we figured we would start with a little background. We’re Laura and Becks, inseparable friends throughout college and recent graduates with double degrees in Design and Textile Technology. Our passion and focus? Fashion Design. For the past five years we have lived and breathed sewing and styling, and are working on establishing both our professional voices, and our personal style. Laura recently moved across the country to CA for work, which is entirely too far from Becks, in NC. We have made up this distance by daily texting, calling, facetime sessions, and crazy complex google docs conversations which we decided could actually become this blog! Here’s a record of our chat about friendship, fashion, and what we hope this blog can become. (For the record, Laura will be typing in Green and Becks in Gray. We are going to try to carry this theme through the blog to keep it clear who’s posting)

Becks and I became fast friends in college when we realized that we were both absolutely crazy about fashion. And also just crazy.  But maybe the same kind of crazy?

We could banter back and forth and bounce all these ideas off of each other for hours. We could also always encourage each other to go get late night snacks and take on the major challenge of watching all eight Harry Potters in a weekend.  So sometimes it was hard to be productive.  But what we found out was the work we actually got done was better. Kinda magic.

We really encouraged each other to try harder, to grow as designers.  (And as people.  Well really, I tried to make Becks more wild and she tried to make me more sensible.)  But what we always gave each other was a sounding board for- well, anything- but quite often it was for style, fashion, what we were seeing and what we loved and hated, minute to minute.

Part of the reason why we are starting this blog is to be able to identify and clarify a cohesive style. It just seems so much easier to do that when talking with a best friend. Case in point: the mall. When you are shopping alone there’s that moment that’s like: look at this shirt on me. I kind of like it but I also might hate it… But somehow with Laura its so much easier to look and realize either, “thats the best thing I’ve ever seen and you are the sexiest person I know” or “don’t stand near me.”

Yes!  We are definitely always honest with each other.  And I think we encourage each other to be more adventurous with our style.  Which, lets face it, we all need sometimes. It’s very easy for me to fall into the Gap, Target, Forever 21 kind of easy style.  And that totally has a place! I’m not here to diss half my wardrobe. But I really want to focus on developing a style that feels more like me.

YES! thats the thing isn’t it? It’s so so easy to be lazy and just blend. I think we both are trying not to be the girl with the cute shirt. That’s too easy. We want to be the girls with the amazing outfits that are different and interesting. Fashion that makes you excited about what you are wearing- but is still accessible to twenty-something girls like us!

We also want to connect with other people who are in the same place.  The internet is this amazing weird space where we can share our ideas and have this conversation with… more than just our little bubble.  So we blog.  I think we all want to recognize something of ourselves in other people.

Haha, also maybe we just want to look at pretty things.

Well, there’s that.

Hi There!

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