Becks: Here we go.


Style for me started with glamour. There was nothing better for me as a kid than dragging my mom through the evening wear section of Belks every time we set foot in the mall, or carefully selecting my sparkly princess outfit for halloween each year. (around age 6 I ran out of princesses I liked and wound up being a bunny princess… the ultimate in glamour) As I grew older fashion was something that never left me, and though I grew out of my love of glitter cowboy boots (really) the one thing that has always stayed with me is the desire for something unique.

Finding your style is so difficult! Sure, I went through a tiny skater phase fueled mostly by Avril Lavigne and teenage angst, ( I am convinced every girl from the 90’s has at least once tried to wear a tie with their shirt- don’t lie) and a boho phase that consisted of exactly 4 flowy neon skirts from forever 21. But as I left for college I began for the first time to pick out pieces that truly felt like me.

So what is my style now you ask? Well, I’m still working on it. As of right now I would say it’s a mix of urban staples with some really elegant, tailored, and architectural pieces.

I love:                                                             I hate:

Jewel tones                                                   Hi-low dresses

Anything gold                                               Elastic waists

Leather, oh how I love leather                  Horizontal stripes

I love the glamour of a truly dramatic outfit, which is a little funny because I would never describe myself as glamorous. Maybe this is my way of battling the awkwardness of everyday life. Sure I’m still going to trip over my own feet and make awkward eye contact with strangers in Starbucks, but you know what? At least I’m going to look fabulous doing it.  And isn’t that really the beauty of fashion? If I can dress as the elegant and put together person I want the world to see me as, I’m halfway there.

Becks: Here we go.

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