Wedding Bells

This is what all weddings look like right?


Hi friends, hope you’re having such a great week and getting your stretchiest pants prepared for Thanksgiving dinner! The holidays are fast approaching and I am just starting to prepare for all the holiday parties and events to come. One of the events I am most excited about is an upcoming wedding I’m going to with my boy. Weddings might be my all time favorite events to attend, I mean that much happiness and pretty in one night? Call me a hopeless romantic but no matter what I can never seem to fight off happy, embarrassing tears. So of course I started thinking about what I was going to wear about 2 months ago when we RSVP’d yes. (Don’t judge me.) I promised myself I’d wait until at least halfway through November before I started the search: so here we are!

Here are my thoughts:

I definitely want to sew something! I just finished 5 years of fashion design and sewing, so I’d love to make something unique I can tailor to my body type. Normally my style is a little more edgy and body conscious, but with weddings I love something a little softer. I’m thinking the easy elegance of a fuller skirt and am also absolutely in love with deep scoops or squares both in the neckline and back of the dress. It has an easy elegance while still being a little demure. Want to look at some of my inspirations with me before I start sketching? 

large (6) c4c6f724a4d6b027c8eaee710c3566a95699ade715b947eb4f10fd7f834e52bb Paolo-Sebastian-SS-Couture-2014-15-5tumblr_lxburw9nPQ1r01mvpo1_500 1b5afa5afab966011dce7b8672ee5ca4

The wedding is only a couple of days after Christmas so I’m thinking I want to use either a navy or deep green fabric. What do you think about the color or silhouettes? Is there a dress you like the most? I can’t wait to keep you updated with my sketches and final project!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.54.08 PMBecks 

Wedding Bells

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