Power Browing

Hey friends! This past week was finally the start of thanksgiving break, also known as the time Laura came back to Raleigh! We had only been counting down for about 5 months, no big deal. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.53.16 PM

Not only could I not wait to see her and hang out, but I was also super excited to fix her brows. I know this sounds so incredibly weird, but I’ve been grooming them for her for about three years and without being close by to shape them up I’ve been watching them get progressively more rowdy over FaceTime sessions. Laura has the kind of strong, defined brows that would make any girl jealous, but sometimes I just have to go in and trim a little here and there to create a more polished look. Take a look at these before and after pictures and some little brow tips!

From this.                                                                                          To this.

photo 5 IMG_3256

  • Always brush your brow hairs up with a clear gel before plucking so you can get a better idea of your natural shape. 
  • Trim any long hairs. This is the key to looking groomed. Even if you don’t pluck them often, just keeping them trimmed will give a more polished look. 
  • Pluck from below completely before touching the top of the eyebrows. I’m serious about this one… bad things happen when plucking from the top first. 
  • If you want a more defined look, use some eyebrow gel or even a little eye shadow powder in your brow color to fill in any sparse spots (usually right around the highest point of the arch.) 

Let me know what you do to your eyebrows, and I’ll have a more in-depth photo of the brow process soon! Also, sorry for the quality of these photos, we were so excited we both forgot our proper cameras!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.54.08 PMBecks

Power Browing

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