Holding on to fall

IMG_2375 Well it looks like we have approximately 3 days of nice weather left before the cold hits so I’m squeezing in every last drop of bare legs. It was the perfect day for a couple of work appointments, and then an impromptu cupcake date! You guys, I made this skirt about 5 months ago and it still makes me squeal a little every time I get to wear it. I always love tying my button downs as well because it gives a more defined waist and adds an interesting little sculptural element.

IMG_2374 IMG_2379

2014-11-11 16.43.43

Shirt: Mango, Skirt: RAW Designs(me), Boots: Michael Antonio, Glasses: Bershka, Vintage Find, Cupcake: Butterfinger

Holding on to fall

Laura’s Got Style…?

tumblr_n81naqL8ve1t7z5mbo1_1280-1Let’s get this confession out of the way right off the bat.  My ideal outfit is a comfy, crazy printed dress and no shoes. While it’s true I love all things luxurious (think silk, think embroidery, think lovely soft leather) I’ve always felt more comfortable working near the glamour than living in it.

As a design student I spent a lot of time cultivating a design aesthetic without taking the time to consider what my personal style was all about. The result is a crazy closet mash up.  Look inside and you will find a pinch of print (a large pinch,) a foundation of white and black basics, and a few coveted items (my great grandma’s costume necklace, a beaded handbag, that navy lace dress, my mom’s old 70’s denim jacket with the little mushrooms embroidered on the pocket.)

What are my fashion influences?  Well, these are the facts:

  • I was born and raised in a small town in eastern NC.  Easter dresses (and hats and gloves,) peter pan collars, and well stocked dress up closets were my bread and butter.  As were sparkly bathing suits, acid wash hand me down denim, and jelly sandals.
  • My college years were spent in Raleigh NC learning about all things fiber and fashion.  Cue an uptick in black, uptight, designer-esq looks that mark a definite phase in my fashion history.  Peppered, of course, with all the necessary “going out” outfits and my staple- desperately tired, flannel heavy looks.
  • My most stylish moments you ask?  A tie between the time Becca and I went as “the universe” for Halloween and the to-die-for beaded dress I haggled down to my price range and wore to my first ever fashion show.  See photographs below.
  • Recently, I’ve relocated to another planet.  That planet is Southern California.  My major struggles here center around whether red lipstick is “too much” for daytime and if it is acceptable to wear cut off shorts to work.

521599_10151078631962396_2094888324_n    show10    1921023_10151901045062396_109928744_o

So I guess you might describe my style as prim southern girl meets designer aspirations meets laid back Californian lifestyle.

Here’s another confession:  I’m no fashion guru. I’m just a normal girl trying to find my inner style sweet spot.  If you read along I can’t always promise it will be glamourous.  I can, however, promise that I will- without shame- try all the crazy hats, hot pink lipsticks, and be-feathered items I come across and write about all the awkward and maybe (just maybe) fashionable moments that ensue.

Top Image: Fly Art; Bottom Images: My own

Laura’s Got Style…?

Becks: Here we go.


Style for me started with glamour. There was nothing better for me as a kid than dragging my mom through the evening wear section of Belks every time we set foot in the mall, or carefully selecting my sparkly princess outfit for halloween each year. (around age 6 I ran out of princesses I liked and wound up being a bunny princess… the ultimate in glamour) As I grew older fashion was something that never left me, and though I grew out of my love of glitter cowboy boots (really) the one thing that has always stayed with me is the desire for something unique.

Finding your style is so difficult! Sure, I went through a tiny skater phase fueled mostly by Avril Lavigne and teenage angst, ( I am convinced every girl from the 90’s has at least once tried to wear a tie with their shirt- don’t lie) and a boho phase that consisted of exactly 4 flowy neon skirts from forever 21. But as I left for college I began for the first time to pick out pieces that truly felt like me.

So what is my style now you ask? Well, I’m still working on it. As of right now I would say it’s a mix of urban staples with some really elegant, tailored, and architectural pieces.

I love:                                                             I hate:

Jewel tones                                                   Hi-low dresses

Anything gold                                               Elastic waists

Leather, oh how I love leather                  Horizontal stripes

I love the glamour of a truly dramatic outfit, which is a little funny because I would never describe myself as glamorous. Maybe this is my way of battling the awkwardness of everyday life. Sure I’m still going to trip over my own feet and make awkward eye contact with strangers in Starbucks, but you know what? At least I’m going to look fabulous doing it.  And isn’t that really the beauty of fashion? If I can dress as the elegant and put together person I want the world to see me as, I’m halfway there.

Becks: Here we go.

Sunshine and Sunflowers

I love sunflowers- just ask Becka! So this little smocked top number pretty much screamed my name from the racks of one of our (many) local thrift stores.  A little alteration and it’s a perfect easy dress for the sunshine-ey Southern California November we’ve been having.  I paired this with a denim jacket for a night out and dressed it up with a pop of red in the lipstick and sandals.  But it seems to work just as well paired with my trusty bright turquoise backpack and mirrored sunglasses for weekend errand running.

IMG_0297     IMG_0314

I have to say I am a little weirded out by this whole sundress two weeks before Thanksgiving thing- but I think its something I can get used to!

Dress: My own, via Ventura Goodwill; Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target; Backpack: Patagonia; Sunglasses: Target



Hi There!

IMG_5256 1399667649.974139.IMG_0299 IMG_5578

So we figured we would start with a little background. We’re Laura and Becks, inseparable friends throughout college and recent graduates with double degrees in Design and Textile Technology. Our passion and focus? Fashion Design. For the past five years we have lived and breathed sewing and styling, and are working on establishing both our professional voices, and our personal style. Laura recently moved across the country to CA for work, which is entirely too far from Becks, in NC. We have made up this distance by daily texting, calling, facetime sessions, and crazy complex google docs conversations which we decided could actually become this blog! Here’s a record of our chat about friendship, fashion, and what we hope this blog can become. (For the record, Laura will be typing in Green and Becks in Gray. We are going to try to carry this theme through the blog to keep it clear who’s posting)

Becks and I became fast friends in college when we realized that we were both absolutely crazy about fashion. And also just crazy.  But maybe the same kind of crazy?

We could banter back and forth and bounce all these ideas off of each other for hours. We could also always encourage each other to go get late night snacks and take on the major challenge of watching all eight Harry Potters in a weekend.  So sometimes it was hard to be productive.  But what we found out was the work we actually got done was better. Kinda magic.

We really encouraged each other to try harder, to grow as designers.  (And as people.  Well really, I tried to make Becks more wild and she tried to make me more sensible.)  But what we always gave each other was a sounding board for- well, anything- but quite often it was for style, fashion, what we were seeing and what we loved and hated, minute to minute.

Part of the reason why we are starting this blog is to be able to identify and clarify a cohesive style. It just seems so much easier to do that when talking with a best friend. Case in point: the mall. When you are shopping alone there’s that moment that’s like: look at this shirt on me. I kind of like it but I also might hate it… But somehow with Laura its so much easier to look and realize either, “thats the best thing I’ve ever seen and you are the sexiest person I know” or “don’t stand near me.”

Yes!  We are definitely always honest with each other.  And I think we encourage each other to be more adventurous with our style.  Which, lets face it, we all need sometimes. It’s very easy for me to fall into the Gap, Target, Forever 21 kind of easy style.  And that totally has a place! I’m not here to diss half my wardrobe. But I really want to focus on developing a style that feels more like me.

YES! thats the thing isn’t it? It’s so so easy to be lazy and just blend. I think we both are trying not to be the girl with the cute shirt. That’s too easy. We want to be the girls with the amazing outfits that are different and interesting. Fashion that makes you excited about what you are wearing- but is still accessible to twenty-something girls like us!

We also want to connect with other people who are in the same place.  The internet is this amazing weird space where we can share our ideas and have this conversation with… more than just our little bubble.  So we blog.  I think we all want to recognize something of ourselves in other people.

Haha, also maybe we just want to look at pretty things.

Well, there’s that.

Hi There!