Wedding Bells

This is what all weddings look like right?


Hi friends, hope you’re having such a great week and getting your stretchiest pants prepared for Thanksgiving dinner! The holidays are fast approaching and I am just starting to prepare for all the holiday parties and events to come. One of the events I am most excited about is an upcoming wedding I’m going to with my boy. Weddings might be my all time favorite events to attend, I mean that much happiness and pretty in one night? Call me a hopeless romantic but no matter what I can never seem to fight off happy, embarrassing tears. So of course I started thinking about what I was going to wear about 2 months ago when we RSVP’d yes. (Don’t judge me.) I promised myself I’d wait until at least halfway through November before I started the search: so here we are!

Here are my thoughts:

I definitely want to sew something! I just finished 5 years of fashion design and sewing, so I’d love to make something unique I can tailor to my body type. Normally my style is a little more edgy and body conscious, but with weddings I love something a little softer. I’m thinking the easy elegance of a fuller skirt and am also absolutely in love with deep scoops or squares both in the neckline and back of the dress. It has an easy elegance while still being a little demure. Want to look at some of my inspirations with me before I start sketching? 

large (6) c4c6f724a4d6b027c8eaee710c3566a95699ade715b947eb4f10fd7f834e52bb Paolo-Sebastian-SS-Couture-2014-15-5tumblr_lxburw9nPQ1r01mvpo1_500 1b5afa5afab966011dce7b8672ee5ca4

The wedding is only a couple of days after Christmas so I’m thinking I want to use either a navy or deep green fabric. What do you think about the color or silhouettes? Is there a dress you like the most? I can’t wait to keep you updated with my sketches and final project!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.54.08 PMBecks 

Wedding Bells

Travel: Big Sur Road Trip

IMG_0342IMG_0387  IMG_0454
This weekend I traveled up the coast a few hours to Big Sur for a weekend of camping, hiking- and let’s be honest: s’mores eating.  Our trip included four tents, three (adorably color coordinated black and white) dogs, two nights of laughter and starry skies, and one fabulously successful proposal!

Our time was rather limited so we had to make the most of it. Here are a few of my recommendations for a weekend adventure in Big Sur.

  • Visit: McWay Falls (pictured above.) It’s an iconic view of the Big Sur coast- don’t miss the beautiful blue water and jagged coast line- it’s what your Instagram has been missing!
  • Stay: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.  We spent two nights in the south campground here and it was absolutely lovely.  Shady and quiet, this park offers a ton of camp sites, a few great trails to explore, and a nice lodge if you need to escape from nature for a quick cup of coffee
  • Explore: Jade Cove Beach. This stop on Highway One offers stunning mountain and sea views and a chance to hunt for jade on the rocky beaches.  Apparently most of the green colored rocks are actually serpentine, not real jade, but a girl can dream right? Pictured in the second set of pictures below- P.S. my nail color here is Essie’s Carry On and it has been my go to this Fall!

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset  IMG_0511




Here are a few of my camping essentials.  After all, what is an adventure without the right outfit? 

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Plaid Shirt: JCrew; Scarf: Madewell; Boots: Asos; Jacket: Patagonia; Denim: Gap; Hat: Wool and the Gang via Madewell; Lips: Vaseline Rosy Lips (loving this right now for a tiny pop of color!); Backpack: Herschel






All Natural

Hey Guys! This is the first of (hopefully!) many Makeup Monday posts. Makeup/beauty has always been something I have had a passion for, and it can be just so dang fun to experiment with. I feel like I am always doing makeovers for friends (in college I would have a line of people down the hall waiting for touchups before going out on the weekend) and thought it might be fun to show you some of the before and afters. I’m doing them all on my best friends and the idea is to tackle makeup goals or issues for real girls. So if you have a question, or want to see a certain beauty trend in action, leave a comment and I’ll turn it into a fun post! 

      Before                                                                                          After

  2014-11-09 15.36.27_burned 2014-11-09 16.15.28_burned

Enter: My BFF Nikki. 

Nikki and I have been best friends since grade school and she has always known how to rock her red hair and gorgeous blue eyes! Whenever we talk about makeup she always mentions how she does the same eye makeup everyday: gold/brown shadow, a black liner, and mascara. It’s a great look, but sometimes it’s fun to change it up a little too. I decided to do a super natural fall makeup look that includes warm colors and no liner. You know how people talk about wearing makeup that enhances but doesn’t distract? This is that look. 

2014-11-09 16.15.31_burned

nikkieye shadows

Step 1: Put a matte light brown from the lashes to the brow bone. Any shade will work!

Step 2: Using a flat wide brush sweep the dark purple/red into the crease. A reddish or orange hue will make blue eyes pop because it’s a contrast color! Make sure to take a big fluffy brush and blend it after so there’s no harsh lines! 

Step 3: Take a highlight color (mine was a shimmery champagne) and put it under the brow bone, in the corner of the eye, and right on the center of the lid. If you have deep set eyes highlighting the center of the lid will make them come forward. 

Step 4: Instead of using a liner I took a small angled brush and worked a chocolate brown shadow into the outer third of the lash line on the top and bottom lashes. Using shadow instead of liner is less harsh, and gives the illusion that your lashes are thicker.

Step 5: 2 coats of black mascara. Wiggling the wand at the roots before you stroke up makes sure you get all the lashes covered and also keeps the bulk of the mascara at the roots instead of the tips, which helps them stay curled longer. 

The face: Sweep some light bronzer on the temples and outer cheekbones to warm up the face, and coral blush on the apples of the cheeks. Also: Define those brows! Take a light brown shadow and fill in any sparse areas. 

The lips: I used my absolute favorite neutral lip color: Revlon’s Blushing Nude. I don’t know how many weird pale looking lipsticks I had to go through to find this one, but it’s seriously amazing on everyone!

 2014-11-09 15.36.37 2014-11-09 15.36.43 2014-11-09 15.36.41

Foundation: Studio Gear in Linen, Blush/Bronzer: ELF, Brows: Revlon Brow Fantasy, Eyes: crease-NYX in Baked, highlight-Beauty Rush in Hot Ginger, lid-medium brown in ELF, liner-almay black liquid, mascara-Loreal voluminous butterfly, lips-Revlon blushing nude

All Natural

Sundress Denial


Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Mossimo, Scarf: Turkish streetcart

I’m playing around with the idea that if I pair a scarf with my favorite sundress it can pretend it’s a fall outfit. It’s November and 80 degrees out so I’m trying to stay true to my love of fall fashion without dying of heat. I’m normally not crazy about floral prints but I love how graphic this one is, and honestly anytime there is an interesting back I’m sold! I may or may not have gotten several comments about the shortness of this dress, but sometimes you just have to be bold and hope for the best! (i.e. no wind)

IMG_0640  IMG_0643

So what do you think, does this pass as fall or should I fly back to flannel? 

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.54.08 PMBecks

Sundress Denial

Ace of Lace

I used to think the only appropriate time for sneakers was never.  Man was I wrong.  Lately I have been daydreaming of the bold design, fun colors, and- let’s face it- comfort that really only seem appropriate in an old fashioned lace up shoe situation.

sneaker_skirt  coat_sneakers  scarf_sneakers  bikes_sneaks

I don’t know guys maybe I’ve been sucked in by these enviable adorable street style images (P.S. click through for links!), or maybe working at an active wear brand is getting into my head, but I’m starting to rethink my footwear game.  Especially after I saw that Mary Katrantzou is collaborating with Adidas on a collection of fresh sportswear and shoes, out this month.  Christmas present anyone?

BLOG_diptych-2  B26678
Mary Katrantzou for Adidas via

Check out a few of my other picks for fun kicks below! I’d love to pair any of these with black jeans or an oversize dress and then hop on my bike and zip off to work (in semi-appropriate style!)
via Adidas, Nike, Converse, and New Balance

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So what do you think about this track shoe trend?  Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.54.08 PMxoxo Laura


Ace of Lace

Holding on to fall

IMG_2375 Well it looks like we have approximately 3 days of nice weather left before the cold hits so I’m squeezing in every last drop of bare legs. It was the perfect day for a couple of work appointments, and then an impromptu cupcake date! You guys, I made this skirt about 5 months ago and it still makes me squeal a little every time I get to wear it. I always love tying my button downs as well because it gives a more defined waist and adds an interesting little sculptural element.

IMG_2374 IMG_2379

2014-11-11 16.43.43

Shirt: Mango, Skirt: RAW Designs(me), Boots: Michael Antonio, Glasses: Bershka, Vintage Find, Cupcake: Butterfinger

Holding on to fall