Makeup Monday: A softer smoky eye

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 I did this smokey eye look for my best friend Maggie over the weekend. She wanted a smokey eye, but with her fair features and beautiful blue eyes I didn’t want to overwhelm her coloring with too much black. The solution? A smokey eye with warm shades of caramel, rose gold, and deep reddish brown that are dramatic but don’t compete with her natural beauty. The reddish brown made her blue eyes look even more vibrant! See the below images for some step by step instructions.

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1. Cover the lid with primer. I use one made by e.l.f. cosmetics.

2. Sweep your darkest brown shade in a thick line along the lash line. 

3. Using a golden brown, blend the dark brown line into the crease of the eye, getting rid of any harsh edges between the two colors. 

4. Fill in the outer 1/3 of the crease with a deep reddish brown shade. 

5. Sweep the same reddish brown along the outer bottom lash line, and a gold along the tear duct and inner bottom lash line. 

6. Smudge a dark brown liner into the upper lash line and water line before adding mascara. 

2014-12-06 16.55.53

Here she is enjoying the beautiful scenery from our weekend lake retreat! What do you think, would you try this look? Let me know!

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Makeup Monday: A softer smoky eye